Ready to Fight Training Series

With a President Trump propelled into office by a wave of racist, sexist, hateful, anti-Muslim, anti-Jewish, anti-immigrant sentiment, we are more grateful than ever for the organizing power and community of Jewish Voice for Peace.

We are linking arms and building power to face this challenge here in the U.S., while continuing our work alongside our Palestinian allies and friends facing death, detention, bombs, exile, apartheid, and demolition of their homes.

Our Ready to Fight training series equips you with the skills and analysis to organize together in earnest in these momentous times. Watch the free training videos below.




Growing Our Movement to Win: Base-Building in the Age of Trump

Wondering how to bring new people in when everyone and their mother, roommate and lover are taking to the streets? Join us to dream big and turn our organizing visions into plans for funneling the potential of this moment into membership & leadership in our work for the long haul.

Trainers: Jimmy Pasch, West Regional Organizer; Alana Krivo-Kaufman, East Coast, Senior Regional Organizer; Rachel Winsberg, JVP Philly Chapter Leader



Fighting Islamophobia in this Time

Watch the recording of it here. Kalia shared with us some recommended further reading, which you can find here.

From political analysis to organizing strategies, this is the first in a series of webinars hosted by JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia with our partners in movements for justice who will share their analyses and strategies for  how we can most effectively participate in resisting Islamophobia and racism in this time. We’ll draw from the lessons of longstanding organizing and think forward together about how best to respond to the intensified struggles to come.

Hosted by JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia moderated by Donna Nevel with writer and activist Kalia Abiade

Kalia Abiade is a Chicago-based activist and writer. For the last four years, she was the Advocacy Director at the Center for New Community, a national research and advocacy organization. At CNC, she led efforts to equip and mobilize grassroots organizations and national coalitions to challenge organized nativism and racism in public discourse and policy. Kalia brings to her work 15 years of experience as a newspaper editor and reporter, and she taught high school students in Southwest Virginia with the Upward Bound/TRIO program. Her analysis has been cited in The Washington Post, The Nation, The Associated Press, The Hill, and NPR, among other outlets. She currently serves as an adviser for the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, and she lives with her husband and their children in Chicago.



Protecting One Another:  Better Bystanders & Bolder Community

Watch the recording of the training here and the powerpoint is available here.

Racist, transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, antisemitic, ableist, and Islamophobic attacks are on the rise. Our organizing must include real clarity and fresh tools to help us show up for each other–even, or especially, if we’re strangers. Drawing on lessons from transformative justice work, anti-violence organizing, and bystander intervention approaches, we’ll ready ourselves to interrupt bigotry, harassment, and violence in our day-to-day lives.

With JVP’s Stefanie Fox and Rabbi Alissa Wise



Before the Armlocks: Legal Training for Nonviolent Direct Action

Watch the recording of the training is here, though it got cut off part way through–apologies! You can see the rest of the content covered in the powerpoint which is available here.

From #noDAPL solidarity to resisting plans for Muslim registries, from BDS campaigns to stopping deportations–we know for sure we’ll be in the streets for the next four years and beyond. Get empowered to take courageous actions by knowing about relevant laws, regular legal flow/process, assessing risk and choices while taking action, best practices for setting up legal support before, during and after actions and more.

With special guests Stefan Krieger Professor of Law, Maurice A. Deane School of Law at Hofstra University and Gideon Oliver from the New York City National Lawyer’s Guild.



Fighting Fabulously: The Nuts & Bolts of Creative Nonviolent Direct Actions

Watch the recording here. You can also access the powerpoint here and our Media Kit here.

Building off the “Before the Armlocks” legal training, join us for a training that covers all you need to know to pull off an effective, powerful, beautiful direct action. From messaging and media, to creating compelling visual, chants and community rituals, to affinity groups and jail support. In the months and years ahead we will be spending a lot of time in the streets–get ready to fight– fabulously!

With JVP’s Stefanie Fox and Rabbi Alissa Wise



The Toxic Stew: Zionism, Antisemitism, and White Supremacy

Watch the recording here. You can also access notes from the call here.

As neo-Nazis and white nationalists become more empowered in the current political climate, Mainstream Jewish organizations have continued to use false charges and bad definitions of antisemitism against activists for justice in Palestine. Join us for a discussion of antisemitism and Zionism, and how the two intersect on campuses and in municipal fights against anti-BDS legislation. How do some Zionists perpetuate antisemitism and Islamophobia? What’s the relationship between white nationalism in this country and support for Israel? And how can we truly fight antisemitism and Islamophobia in this political context?

With JVP’s Academic Program Manager Tallie Ben Daniel, Liz Jackson from Palestine Legal, Tamar Ghabin from US Campaign for Palestinian Rights,  and Chanda Prescod-Weinstein



Continuation of NAI’s series on Fighting Islamophobia and Racism in this Time

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here.  For more information visit

From political analysis to organizing strategies, this is the first in a series of webinars hosted by JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia with our partners in movements for justice who will share their analyses and strategies for how we can most effectively participate in resisting Islamophobia and racism in this time. We’ll draw from the lessons of longstanding organizing and think forward together about how best to respond to the intensified struggles to come.

With JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia and guest speaker Bina Ahmad



Act Fast! Best Practices for Mobilizing in an Hour

If you missed it, you can watch the recording here. You can also access the powerpoint here

We are called upon to act fast these days. Come learn best practices for short-turnaround actions that builds your base, makes a media splash, and strengthens your chapter/group for the long haul. We will go through how to use an hour for maximum political impact.


Be Seen and Heard: Maximize your message in the media

With JVP’s Media Program Manager Naomi Dann

Watch the recording here

Now is the time to raise our voices up loudly, we need to make sure our resistance is seen and heard as loudly as possible. Come learn about best practices for documenting actions, messaging to get the attention of the cameras and how to turn out the press on short notice.


Organizing Training with Indivisible

Watch the recording of it here.

Indivisible is made up of former Congressional staffers and organizers who launched an enormously popular guide to help us fight back and win.

“To stop Trump from reshaping America in his own image and undoing the progress we have made in the last eight years, we must stand indivisibly opposed to Trump and the members of Congress who would do his bidding.

Former Congressional staffers and organizers will offer practical steps for individuals, groups, and organizations looking to replicate the Tea Party’s success in getting Congress to listen to a small, vocal, dedicated group of constituents. Together, we have the power to resist — and we have the power to win.”

Put the training in practice by showing up at your local Town Hall with JVP’s Stop Profiling Muslims poster, our Refugees Are Welcome Here poster, or our Standing With Muslims poster.



Digital Security and Technology Best Practices

See the slides from the presentation here.

Trump has made clear that he will prioritize empowering law enforcement during his presidency, and we know that includes increased surveillance. This webinar, a joint project of JVP and the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) will focus on digital security and best practices around technology. We will talk about risk assessment and also about knowing your rights around technology and governmental access.

Featuring experts Devin McDougall and Ken Montenegro.

Devin McDougall is an attorney in private practice in New York City. He is a member of the board of directors of the New York City chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and co-chair of the chapter’s Next Generation Committee.

Ken Montenegro is a Los Angeles native and has been a nonprofit technologist for over 17 years. He has been fortunate enough to work with the Northeast Valley Health Corporation; Maternal & Child Health Access; Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles; and the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles. He is currently the Information Technology Director at Asian Americans Advancing Justice Los Angeles. Ken is a board member of NTEN (the Nonprofit Technology Network), the Immigrant Defenders Law Center, and is National Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild.



Poking and Prying With a Purpose: Using Power Research to Expose Trump’s Collaborators

Watch the recording of it here and you can access the slides from the presentation here.

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” — Zora Neale Hurston

Now more than ever, it is essential to understand who is forwarding and profiting off of Trump’s agenda of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and unrestrained corporate power. LittleSis (“the opposite of Big Brother”) is a watchdog research group that investigates corporations and the 1%. We also oversee, a free database that connects the dots between the world’s most powerful people and corporations.

On this webinar, we’ll explore how “power research” can strengthen organizing, direct action, and movement-building. We’ll share research tools for activists that help us answer questions like: Who is funding Islamophobia? Which corporations are collaborating with Trump? and What people are poised to profit off of the Trump agenda? We’ll also show you how to make shareable, online power maps like this and this.

Featuring Molly Gott from LittleSis





Back in the mid-90s, three young Jewish women realized they could no longer keep silent about Israel’s occupation – and decided to do something about it. Watch their story – our story – here.



Researching the American Israeli Alliance and Jewish Voice for Peace’s report reveals the extent of massive training programs between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli police, military, and the Shin Bet.

End the Deadly Exchange

When US law enforcement trade tactics with the Israeli police and military, Israel deepens its military occupation and the US heightens its violence of policing. Tell the Truth

Days ago, bowed to pro-Israel activists and started describing all of Jerusalem as a “city in Israel” – literally erasing Palestinian East Jerusalem. Let’s get to tell the truth: East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

Senators: Investigate Israeli Violence!

No one should be killed for taking part in a peaceful protest. It’s up to us to call on progressive Senators to investigate Israel’s massacre in Gaza that killed over 100 Palestinians wounded 12,000 others.

Huge Palestinian march with text overlaid reading "support the #greatreturnmarch"