The JVP Artist Council are Jews and allies who draw on our various histories and diverse disciplines to lift up radical Jewish histories; raise collective awareness about the Nakba and the ongoing colonization of historic Palestine; support local and national Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) campaigns, including cultural boycott; partner with Palestinian artists and uplift Palestinian cultural resistance; reclaim Jewish ritual and stories; center the voices and vision of Jews of Color, Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews; and challenge the mobilization of Jewish trauma to support Israeli state violence. We seek to offer our art and cultural work to both strengthen organizing as well as shape its strategy.

Our projects seek to work accountably with Palestinian organizing and to forge links across movements for racial, gender, economic, and climate justice, to challenge intersecting forms of state violence and create joint movements of resistance.

Our work for a just peace in Israel/Palestine needs artists and cultural workers to help us envision more just and possible futures, not simply what is politically “practical” in this moment. Art compels us to question, invites us to memory, provokes us to act. What does a pluralistic, socially just, multi-ethnic, vibrant, safe, and flourishing Israel/Palestine look like? What do the houses and cities look like? Which books are on the shelves? What does an open, joyous, diverse, global Jewish community feel like? What do we pray about? How do our instruments sound?

Because art is one of our strongest tools for representing resistance, holding a mirror up to the world, and painting a picture of the world that we know is possible / will tirelessly work towards…


Refugees Are Welcome Here

Designed by Micah Bazant (a founding member of JVP’s Artist Council), the “Refugees Are Welcome Here” poster has become an icon of 21st century social justice movements. It has been used by JVP chapters across the country to canvas as part of grassroots refugee & Muslim solidarity work. Micah has since created multiple works that can be downloaded for free, whether for display in the windows of homes, schools, businesses, & places of worship, or held up at rallies, marches, & other actions for a liberated collective future.

Project Links

Refugees Welcome JVP Homepage
Micah Bazant’s Website
No Muslim Ban Ever
JVP Anti-Violence Artwork for download


(FOLLOWING NYC BENEFIT CANCELLATION) Spearheaded by members of JVP’s Artist Council, the solidarity statement garnered sign-on from Pulitzer Prize-Winning Playwright Annie Baker, Tony Award-Nominated Performers Kathleen Chalfant, Justin Vivian Bond & Tonya Pinkins, & many others.

“We, the undersigned, are deeply disturbed and disappointed by Feinstein’s/54 Below’s decision to cancel a scheduled benefit concert for Black Lives Matter. This decision, ostensibly due to “a recent addition to the BLM platform that accuses Israel of genocide and endorses a range of boycott and sanction actions,” both undermines the visionary leadership of the Movement for Black Lives and contributes to the institutionalized silencing of advocates for Palestinian human rights…”

Project Links

JVP Press Release
NYT Coverage 1
NYT Coverage 2

Tell PEN America: Don’t Partner with the Israeli Government

Following a campaign led by AdalahNY, Jewish Voice for Peace, and literary figures concerned with justice and free speech, leading literary organization PEN America held their annual World Voices festival without funding from the Israeli government, which jails Palestinian journalists and writers for their work. More than 250 writers, poets, translators, and publishers – many members of PEN – signed an appeal urging PEN America to end their relationship with Israel’s government until everyone has equal rights, including freedom of expression. Signers included Pulitzer and other award-winning figures such as Junot Díaz, Richard Ford, Alice Walker, Louise Erdrich, Cornel West, Eileen Myles, Russel Bank, Wallace Shawn, and Viet Thanh Nguyen.

Project Links

AdalahNY Campaign Page
PRESS RELEASE: “After appeal by leading writers, major US literary festival will proceed without Israeli government sponsorship”
Campaign covered in Broadway World, Electronic Intifada, and multiple other news outlets



Researching the American Israeli Alliance and Jewish Voice for Peace’s report reveals the extent of massive training programs between U.S. law enforcement and Israeli police, military, and the Shin Bet.


This year, you have many offerings to choose from: live streamed high holiday services, a list of local JVP member-led services, JVP holiday cards, ritual guides, and ritual resources. Tell the Truth

Days ago, bowed to pro-Israel activists and started describing all of Jerusalem as a “city in Israel” – literally erasing Palestinian East Jerusalem. Let’s get to tell the truth: East Jerusalem is occupied territory.

End the Deadly Exchange

When US law enforcement trade tactics with the Israeli police and military, Israel deepens its military occupation and the US heightens its violence of policing.

Write to dareen tatour

Just weeks ago Dareen Tatour, a young Palestinian, walked through the gates of the prison where she’ll spend the next five months – for writing a poem. This absurd criminalization of her poetry could not be a clearer demonstration of the repression Palestinian cultural voices face.

Senators: Investigate Israeli Violence!

No one should be killed for taking part in a peaceful protest. It’s up to us to call on progressive Senators to investigate Israel’s massacre in Gaza that killed over 100 Palestinians wounded 12,000 others.

Huge Palestinian march with text overlaid reading "support the #greatreturnmarch"


Israel systematically prosecutes as many as 700 children in military courts each year. Email your Rep to support Promoting Human Rights by Ending Israeli Military Detention of Palestinian Children Act, H.R. 4391.

bds movement NOMINATED FOR nobel prize

Norwegian MP Bjørnar Moxnes has nominated the Palestinian-led movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions for the Nobel Peace Prize!