At JVP, we believe creative protest, cultural production, and art have a unique role to play in building justice. The JVP Artists and Cultural Workers Council is a leadership body of 40 acclaimed poets, rock singers, cartoonists, painters, actors, playwrights, novelists, filmmakers, computer programmers, musicians, dancers, performance artists, and other cultural workers.

Inspired by Jewish activist and artistic traditions, the Council is made up of Jews and allies who represent a broader network of hundreds of influential and talented artists and makers.

Our work for a just peace in Israel/Palestine needs artists and cultural workers to help us envision more just and possible futures, not simply what is politically “practical” in this moment. Art compels us to question, invites us to memory, provokes us to act. What does a pluralistic, socially just, multi-ethnic, vibrant, safe, and flourishing Israel/Palestine look like? What do the houses and cities look like? Which books are on the shelves? What does an open, joyous, diverse, global Jewish community feel like? What do we pray about? How do our instruments sound?
 The Young Jewish Declaration

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Steering Committee:
Elijah Oberman
Morgan Bassichis
Shachaf Polakow
Tamar Sharabi
Una Osato
Wendy Somerson

Council Members:
Amanda Lundquist

Aurora Levins Morales
Daniel Rosza Lang-Levitsky
Danny Bryk
Dave Lippman

Debra Stuckgold
Dori Midnight
Eitan Isaacson
Elaina Ellis
Ellen O’Grady
Ethan Heitner
Ezra Nepon

Hillary Sametz
Irene Siegel
Irit Reinheimer
Jenny Levison
Josh Perlstein
Louisa Solomon

Madeleine Avirov
Micah Bazant
Michi Osato
MJ Kaufman
Nicole Bindler
Noa Fort

Noa Grayevsky
Rebekah Tarin
Sandra Ceas
Sarah Sills
Shelby Handler
Stormy Staats
Susan Eisenberg
Yonah Adelman

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