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JVP students push their universities to divest, build campus chapters, and fight unjust censorship of Palestinian voices. Our Academic Advisory Council brings together faculty committed to an open discussion of Israel/Palestine on campus.


We support churches in their efforts to align their values with their investments. Our Network Against Islamophobia supports organizing against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism.


We can’t change U.S. policy without changing Congress first. With our huge grassroots base, members of Congress are paying increasing attention to our message that all people deserve justice, fairness, and equality.


Artists and cultural workers help us envision justice and dream of a better world. The JVP Artists and Cultural Workers Council comprises writers, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers, dancers, and more.


We are challenging institutional Jewish communities to act on values of justice, and our Rabbinical Council and Open Synagogue Network are paving the path to justice-centered Jewish communities.


JVP answers the call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) made by Palestinian civil society through strategic, dynamic, and effective local and national campaigns.