Free Issa Amro Campaign Updates

UPDATE: October 27, 2017: Issa Amro is facing new trial dates starting Oct. 29th and Nov. 5th. We’ll be updating here as new information becomes available.

Palestinian Activist Finds Support From Bernie Sanders and Other Members of Congress

Why a leading Palestinian activist isn’t fixated on a Palestinian state

Israel Has Created A Palestinian Ghetto In Hebron

September 7, 2017

Press Release: Members of Congress Pressure Palestinian Authority to Release Human Rights Activist Arrested Over Facebook Post

Cogressional Letter: U.S. Congress members petition to drop the charges against Issa Amro

September 5, 2017: was created to support Human Rights Activist Issa Amro facing 18 Israeli military court charges. Right now Issa Amro is being held by the Palestinian Authority for a Facebook post about freedom of speech and we’re utilizing the site to give you some important updates.

September 5, 2017 Press Release: Human Rights Defender Issa Amro Declares Hunger Strike as He Remains Under Detention by the Palestinian Authority Because of Facebook Post

ABC News: Detained Palestinian activist begins hunger strike

The Forward: Israel And The Palestinian Authority Finally Agree — About Jailing Peace Activist Issa Amro

Jewish Insider: Rep. Pocan blasts Palestinian Authority for arresting Amro – Jewish Insider


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