The Network Against Islamophobia (NAI), a project of Jewish Voice for Peace, was created to serve as a resource to, and work with, JVP chapters and other groups interested in organizing against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism and to be a partner to the broader, Muslim-led movement against Islamophobia.

NAI facilitates online resource-sharing of FAQs, public letters, press statements, articles, and other materials. NAI has also developed curricula and resources for those interested in holding community workshops and becoming more knowledgeable, effective, and principled in our work.

NAI works with chapters and community groups as they organize to stand strong against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism.



Chanukah Actions

This past Chanukah, in 25 cities, thousands of JVP members and partners from Muslim and other communities rededicated ourselves to challenging Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism—holding signs in the shape of a giant menorah and reading aloud commitments in public spaces. Some of the signs said:

  • We condemn state surveillance of the Muslim, Arab, and South Asian communities;
  • We challenge, through our words and actions, institutionalized racism and state-sanctioned anti-Black violence;
  • We protest the use of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism to justify and perpetuate Israel’s repressive policies against Palestinians;
  • We call for an end to racist policing #SayHerName, #BlackLivesMatter, #BlackTransLivesMatter;
  • We stand against U.S. policies driven by the “war on terror” that demonize Islam and devalue, target, and kill Muslims;

NAI Statement on November 9, 2016

JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia (NAI) reaffirms our commitment to join with Muslim, South Asian, and other communities impacted by and organizing against Islamophobia, white supremacy, and anti-Arab racism.  We recommit to fighting for a country rooted in deep principles of love and dignity for all people.

As Jewish partners in this work, we recommit to being more visible in challenging Islamophobia within our own communities. We recommit to being principled, consistent partners. We recommit to standing and acting in solidarity with broader movements for justice led by those most impacted by Islamophobia and racism. We recommit to being vigilant as we stand with those being targeted by state-sponsored and individual acts of Islamophobia, joining the large grassroots movement of Muslims and others who have been standing and acting with strength and integrity.

We invite you to join us in our work as partners in the broader movement: to take public actions that make visible our positions and commitment to justice; to canvass in our communities with messages like “We stand with Muslims against Islamophobia and racism”; to step up and step forward in the face of Islamophobic attacks; to continue to build and strengthen our relationships and work with Muslim communities; to engage in community learning toward meaningful, long-term action and resistance to Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism.

We refuse to be silent in the face of any or all forms of Islamophobia, racism, and injustice.

Contact us at so we can work together to continue and strengthen this work.

Standing with Muslims Against Islamophobia and Racism

Join the Network Against Islamophobia (NAI) in putting these posters and stickers in your homes, in your neighborhood stores, in our communities, and around your schools.

In this political moment, it is critical that we are as visible as we can be in standing with the Muslim community and opposing Islamophobia and racism.

Thank you to JVP Artist Council and NYC Chapter member Sarah Sills for the beautiful design of our signs.

Stop Profiling Muslims

One of the many manifestations of Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism is that Muslims and those perceived to be Muslim are being stopped at airport security, having their rights routinely violated, and being removed from flights.

This is completely unacceptable. It is intimidating, it is discriminatory, and it is a violation of basic human rights. We need to say so.

Working with our partners at Jews Say No!, we, the Network Against Islamophobia decided to make these t-shirts. The message is simple: Stop profiling Muslims. And we hope that all of us who are not profiled can wear them when we pass through security, when we walk through the airport, when we board and sit next to people on our flights (or trains or buses or at rest stops on the highway).

Jewish Voice for Peace is distributing these shirts at cost as part of our ongoing organizing against Islamophobia and anti-Arab racism.

It’s critical that we say, with total clarity, that we stand against Islamophobia and profiling of any kind.

The Network Against Islamophobia (NAI) is facilitating online resource-sharing of FAQs, public letters, press statements, and other materials developed by NAI, individual chapters, and our allies.

NAI has created a two session curriculum on Islamophobia and Israel for community workshops. The curriculum is designed to help us become more thoughtful and effective in our organizing. Please contact us ( if you would like to learn more about the curriculum.

Here is a list of recent helpful articles.  Browse through a sampling of our statements and resources below:

Network Against Islamophobia Syllabus

Resisting Islamophobia

Response to the horrific attack at “Latin Night” at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando on June 12, 2016

Intentions for a New Year of Fighting Islamophobia

Islamophobia, the United States, and Israel

 FAQs on U.S. Islamophobia and Israel Politics

 Organizing Against Islamophobia Newsletter (No. 1)

 Organizing Against Islamophobia Newsletter (No. 2)

All our hearts broke, and continue to break, for the Orlando LGTBQ community, for all LGBTQ communities, and, in particular, for the queer and trans Latinx communities that were the targets of the horrifying attack on Saturday night. We light candles, say prayers, and hold each other close.

But many politicians and media don’t allow us even our devastation and grief. Too many have refused to acknowledge the role that the homophobic, transphobic, and racist political context of this country plays in creating such tragedy. Many have used this tragedy to demonize Muslim communities, and all those perceived as Muslim, including LGBTQ members of those communities.

And so, as we light our candles we must also raise our voices, and take to the streets. As LGBTQ people and allies, we rise with the Orlando community and with queer communities across the country. We know we have to fight homophobia, transphobia, racism and Islamophobia at once.

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Refugees are Welcome Here

This poster represents the strength, humanity, and dignity of refugees. Created by Micah Bazant in collaboration with JVP’s Artists & Cultural Workers Council, this image defies Islamophobia and publicly declares our solidarity with refugees everywhere, from Syria to Central America to Palestine.

At least 4 million Syrians have fled their homeland since 2011. Most have gone to neighboring countries. The war in Syria has killed more than 300,000 people and displaced 12 million, forcing more than four million to flee the country.

As the poet Warsan Shire has said, “no one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark”: the devastating and urgent refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster grown from the deeper political disaster of the war in Syria. Learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis.

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