JVPedia: Key Terms at JVP

What’s the difference between a JVP Member and Supporter? What is the Chai Club? What staff member do I talk to about JVP Student Network? All this and more is answered in our handy JVPedia.

Jewish Voice for Peace Core Values

We are a national, grassroots, member-based organization. We are Jews and allies speaking out against injustice, according to Jewish values and following in the footsteps of Jewish social justice traditions.


8 Things You Need to Know about Gaza

Political context is often obscured in discussions involving Gaza. These 8 facts report on the asymmetry of power, the U.S.’s role in assaults on Gaza, media coverage discrepancies, and more.

The Nakba

The events of 1947-9 stand at the root of the conflict. In order to reach a just and comprehensive peace between Israelis and Palestinians, the Nakba must be acknowledged.

Jews from the Middle-East

Middle Eastern Jews are entitled to represent themselves in their concerns for rights and redress, rather than having the state of Israel or the U.S. Congress speak for them.

Palestinian Hunger Strikes

The prisoners and detainees in the Israeli prisons are holding an open-ended hunger strike for prison conditions that respect human rights and for an end to indefinite sentencing without trial.