Israeli Nationality Law: 1952

Grants citizenship to anyone who immigrates according to the Law of Return, also deprives Palestinian refugees who resided in Palestine before 1948 of the right to acquire residence status or citizenship in Israel....

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Plan Dalet (Plan D)

'Plan Dalet' or 'Plan D' was the name given by the Zionist High Command to the general plan for military operations within the framework of which the Zionists launched successive offensives in April...

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Khirbet Khizeh, by S. Yizhar

Khirbet Khizeh,  by S. Yizhar, Ibis Editions, Jerusalem, 2008, translated by Nicholas de Lange and Yaacob Dweck, originally published in Hebrew in 1949. This is the first English edition. Read excerpts: 30 (from...

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