Free Workshop Curriculum: Challenging Islamophobia and Racism

From JVP’s Network Against Islamophobia:

As we have just learned, the Trump Administration has been announcing a series of executive orders targeting Muslims, Arabs, refugees, and immigrants. We will be working with our partners in the coming weeks and months to do whatever we can to resist this onslaught.

We know that in order to do our work as effectively as possible, our community/political education is essential. Therefore, we are so pleased to be able to share with you our workshop curricula and modules, Challenging Islamophobia and Racism.

As many of you know, we have worked the past few years developing these materials and resources so that we could all be more effective, principled, creative, thoughtful partners in this work.

The curriculum, handouts, and modules are works in progress. As you will see, we are still developing more resources. But we want to get this out to you to use in your community/political education at a moment when deep and reflective learning that helps shape and inform our organizing, both short-term and for the long haul, is more welcome and needed than ever.

We very much look forward to hearing your thoughts about these materials, how you plan to use them, and anything else you would like to share about anti-Islamophobia community/political education in your communities.

Our work is a result of deep relationships, organizing, and learning with so many communities and individuals. We honor and deeply appreciate the work and leadership of our Muslim partners and others targeted by Islamophobia and racism. We have also learned from and with those organizing within JVP chapters. We will continue to learn and grow and act together.

Please visit the Network Against Islamophobia to download the curricula, free artwork, and learn about our actions. You can also download the curricula here:

Yours in struggle,

The NAI Team
Alissa, Donna, Elly, and Natasha

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